Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nicole Gliddon, of the beautiful blog the Habit of Being, shows us around a lovely day in Wichita, Kansas.

My perfect day begins with an early start, and a big breakfast made by both my husband and myself.

After breakfast we'd backpack provisions for an all morning hike in the woods, ended with a small picnic beside the creek.

On our way home, we'd visit a favorite nursery and select a couple of new cacti and succulents to return home with.

At home we'd water and tend to the garden, checking every plant individually, which I especially like. We'd harvest whatever was most ready, and we'd pile it into a large wooden bowl and carry it with us inside. Together we'd prepare the meal; washing the backyard off of produce, and chopping, shelling, and peeling.

After our meal we'd both retire with a book because it's what we always do, and it's never gotten old. We'd stay quiet for only so long before we'd have to reread something we'd just read to the other person. awhile later, we'd move to the sink and wash dinner's dishes. I am usually given a break from doing dishes, but on this perfect day, I'd help. After which I'd take time for a lavender or peppermint bath.

It's the little rituals I especially like. the kind that involve home life, connection to the earth, and working alongside and for family. To me, this is a nice day.

Thank you Nicole for giving us a little glimpse into an inspired life in Wichita!


  1. I was so excited to see that Nicole was your first feature on Niche!

    Can't wait to see who's next. Very cool section to add to your blog.

  2. beautiful. i love the way nicole sees the world. looking forward to seeing who's next.

  3. Nicole takes lovely photos doesn't she?

  4. Lovely! As a Midwesterner myself (Minnesota now, Wisconsin a bit ago), I love seeing the ways the world changes, things a little bit like home.


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