Monday, September 24, 2007

MoCo Market : Madison WI

MoCo Market is a new urban convenience store on the isthmus in Madison, WI. And one of the few good places to get a quick and healthy lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Madison may have a lot of things going for it, but it seems like a large selection of good places to eat on a Sunday is not yet one of them. MoCo Market is convenience meets style meets environmentalism meets delicious bagel sandwiches. Incredibly affordable bagel sandwiches at that. I think they also have other types of bread, if you're not a fan of the bagel sandwich. But I just don't see how you could not be.

One of many admirable things about MoCo market is their recycled furniture. The tables and benches were salvaged from a hospital being torn down in Madison. Full Circle Furniture of Madison got a hold of them and here they are now:

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In their own words:
MoCo Market is a cutting edge choice for urban dwellers craving a fresh, healthy alternative to fast-food and ho-hum prepackaged options. It's a specialty food, wine, beer and retail outlet that will serve quick-stop needs in a sleek, modern, pedestrian-friendly setting.

MoCo Market
804 Willimson St
Madison, WI

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