Monday, February 4, 2008

Diana Sudyka

Cedar Waxwings - Original Watercolor

Work by Chicago artist Diana Sudyka


My background and training are in fine art; printmaking specifically. Chicago has a really great, strong printmaking community. Currently, I work as an illustrator, creating work for everything from book covers, album artwork, screenprinted rock posters (for bands such as The Decemberists, Feist, Iron and Wine, Andrew Bird, Modest Mouse, and Tortoise), to watercolors for my blog, The Tiny Aviary, that documents my volunteer work for the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. My favorite mediums are etching and watercolor; two mediums that figure heavily into old natural history illustrations, which I love. Aside from visual art, my passion is the natural world and this increasingly defines the work that I do.

Darwin's Finches - Original Watercolor

Decemberists Concert Poster - 5 color original screen print

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  1. i love diana's work. as a fellow printmaker, i understand the allure of paper and ink.


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