Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ivey Brassil

Minneapolis based jewelry maker Ivey Brassil of Enso

My line came out of a desire to synthesize my interest in modernism and late modernism with beadwork and wearables. I studied fine art, and in school my work consisted of room-sized, ephemeral, and abstract constructions from everyday objects. My influences were minimalists and post-minimalist fine artists - from Agnes Martin through to Anish Kapoor and Bob Gober.

About twelve years later, obviously not making a living as a post-minimalist, and through a series of various life events, I found myself getting really gripped by glass beadweaving. I'd never really thought about the scale of craft and wearables much. I spent a lot of time making beadwork which looks nothing like what I do now, getting immersed in technique.

Eventually, inspired by the work of a number of bead artists whose work is modernist in look and feel (including the wonderful I asked myself the question "why can't you make metal, beads, and gems do what you were doing on a large scale in school?"

That was my proverbial aha moment for this line.

Another adaptation I made was using sterling beads and very fine sterling wire in lieu of glass and thread in many pieces, such as "ondine" or my rings. The result is an all-metal-and-stone piece of fine jewelry, with that kind of all-metal integrity, which I'm pleased with.

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  1. Great post on Ivey - such a great talent. Wonderful bead work!

  2. What an interesting post about an artist whose work I really admire!

  3. What lovely work. A beautiful blog also.

  4. Beautiful work! Congratulations for the Blog and the great post!

  5. lovely jewelry and great blog!

  6. Thanks everyone for visiting! And for your lovely comments :)

  7. I am such a fan of Ivey's work! She has an amazing sense of style and design. Great feature!


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