Tuesday, June 17, 2008

East Side Farmers Market, Madison WI

I have mentioned that one of the really great things about living in Wisconsin is being able to get so much local produce. The Dane County Farmers Market on Saturday can be quite an event, it's not terribly easy to just stop in and pick up a couple of things. This is where the many little neighborhood farmers markets really come in handy.

Much more manageable. A nice, relaxed, chat with the guy (or lady) who grew your produce kind of atmosphere.

Dinner courtesy of the East Side Farmers Market. The roll is whole wheat with walnuts and is amazing. The baker is Mary White, and I think the East Side Farmers Market is the only place she's selling at in Madison right now. You should go.

East Side Farmers Market, Madison
201 S. Ingersoll
Tuesdays, 4-7PM

You can also see all of the area farmers markets listed by day and location here:

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  1. Love farmers markets--just picked up some delicious strawberries the other day. {Thanks so much for your comment.}


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