Friday, November 21, 2008

Hiroshi Ariyama

Hiroshi Ariyama creates amazing screenprints from his photographs around Chicago. In his Etsy shop, digital prints of those screenprints, so it's almost like coming full circle. The end result seems somewhere between comic book illustration and photography. His work makes me so nostalgic for Chicago.


  1. Woah...that work is absolutely amazing. It really makes me weak in the knees for Chicago. I have missed attending design school down there since the day I decided the timing wasn't right, and here I am, missing it all over again.

    I'm sure it's even worse for you. Hope you get to go down for the holidays. :)

  2. Oh wow these are lovely...great find!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Erin-I will get to spend a decent amount of time there for the holidays. What design school were you going to?

  4. That's cool! Have a good time. :)

    I attended Harrington College of Design. I was only able to go for one semester and I know that no school would ever compare! It was at 200 Madison Street. Uuugh I miss it so so much. Just a really great atmosphere...and I took the train into the city which was always a good time. Ho hum.

    The plan was that I was going to go back a couple years after I had first gone; after my husband's student loans were paid down a bit. But then we moved up to Madison in December and while I suppose I could still attend, even though it would be a challenge, there just isn't a market for interior design around here like there is in Chicago.


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