Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ork Posters

We recently got this exact (I believe it's vermillion) Chicago neighborhood screenprint from Ork Posters and love it.

Ork Posters began when
its founder, Jenny Beorkrem, couldn't find a Chicago neighborhood poster that quite suited her apartment. So she designed one herself! Which with Chicago's 91 neighborhoods was no small feat. How's that for the DIY spirit?

And now we're lucky enough that she designs them for many cities so you might want to check whether yours is one of them. Personally, I think these posters make great parting gifts for a friend moving away from one of the poster cities? Or a welcome to the poster city gift. Or a hey you've been here a while why don't you have more stuff on your walls yet gift. So many options!


  1. I love these posters - I am thinking about getting the Philly one for my dad for his b-day next month. Thanks for the tip!


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