Friday, February 13, 2009

Heart cookies

A neat trick for turning your plain ol' round peanut butter cookies into cute little peanut butter hearts, from Heather Smith Jones. For a little extra delicious, dip half the cookie into melted chocolate. And really, who doesn't want a little bit of extra delicious?

} take a big spoonful of chilled dough & divide it in half
} roll each half into a ball and then into a fat worm shape
} lay them on the cookie sheet in a v-shape and pinch slightly at the point
} then flatten them with a fork
} voila, little peanut butter hearts.

Thanks for the idea (and the lovely photo) Heather!


  1. oh cute! i was going to make cheesecake with strawberry hearts today, but i really don't feel like conquering the grocery i think i'll hold off.

  2. you remind me i need to make more of these, be/c these are all gone! :)


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