Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Spring

A little bit of yellow for the first day of spring! I hope you all enjoy this weekend, even if it is raining as it likely will be here in Madison. I plan to visit the local garden centers in preparation for the container garden I'm going to plant this year! I would love any advice from you seasoned gardeners out there. What is fairly hardy and easy to grow? Anything I should avoid?


  1. From an almost Madisonian (in Sauk City) to another, Happy Spring!!

    I'm a lifelong gardener and while I don't want to burden you with too much advice, I do want to mention something that I found helpful this year. Instead of starting my heirloom tomatoes and peppers by seed in the house (where the cats try to get them) or buying them at the farmer's market for $5/pound, I found out that sells transplants ($3) and they are grown in Spring Green. You can select the delivery date. (I chose the latest one to be on the safe side, near the end of May.) I figure that the plants should be in good shape since they aren't traveling very far.

    Another thing that I ordered from, although on backorder at the moment, is Tom Thumb peas which are more of a bush pea as opposed to a vine. It says that they can also be grown indoors. Mmmmm, fresh peas year-round. ;)

  2. I'm getting my container garden going this weekend, too!

    And a worm farm, hopefully.

    Gardening is something I've always wanted to get into, but my parents never really involved us in it and this is the first spring that I've lived in a place that I knew I would have enough sun to grow food on my balcony.

    Good luck! I'm thinking about having a salsa garden, but we'll see.

    PS- awesome site mentioned above, thank you Jodi!

  3. Thanks Erin and Jodi!

    I am off to check out seedsavers for transplants. Great tip!


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