Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poster Giveaway!

Do you love apples? Do you need a clever place to keep all of those little fruit stickers? Do you love free letterpress posters? Yes, yes and YES.

Vik Design has graciously offered a copy of his beautiful Apple A Day letterpress poster to one lucky winner! How to use the poster: simply peel the variety sticker off of every apple you eat and affix it to a square, 365 days later...a healthier you! Watching the poster fill up is a great little motivator to keep eating those apples.

Here's how the contest will work:
Simply leave a comment on this post. Easy enough, right? Maybe mention your favorite fruit. Not required, but I'm always looking for new ideas for fruit to try.

You can earn an extra entry too! Repost the contest (make sure to include a link to it!) on your own blog or website. Then come back and leave another comment including a link back to your post. Voila. Two entries for you.

One random winner will be chosen on Monday, May 11th. 8:00PM CST. Check back here to see who it is! Good luck!


  1. champage mangos are my current fave, especially since my little one decided he doesn't like mangos - more for me!

  2. green mango with a little sea salt...

  3. This would be so perfect for my husband! He loves to attach his apple stickers to the toaster (to my chagrin when I tried to clean it before giving it to St. Vinnies).

  4. My preschooler son Reed and I recently did a tour of new fruits. Kumquats, Quince, Pomegranate, Figs, Dates, currants, etc.but we were unable to find Ugli fruit. Metcalfe's in Madison has a great selection of exotic fruit, but no Ugli's. They ain't got no alibi!

  5. aimee-isn't it?

    eggcup-oh mangoes are my favorite fruit! I will have to try the champagne variety.

    may-mmmm more mangoes!

    girl bijou-I bet leaving them on there might've gotten it sold even quicker at St. Vinnies!

    Ben-I've never had the very aptly named Ugli fruit. A tip...I have seen them at Copp's! Your exotic fruits tour can forge ahead!

  6. What about all of the apples I pick fresh from the orchard?

    My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple - yum!

  7. this is such a novel concept.

    apples actually are my favorite fruit. I like them peeled and sliced with cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.

  8. We don't do a lot of fresh apples, but we've been making tons of our own applesauce.

  9. I don't think I can pick a favorite fruit...I like them all:)
    right now I'm looking forward to golden raspberries....

  10. Oh, what a lovely blog, and gorgeous textiles! I am a big fan of star fruit and berries of all varieties. The kiddos are also big fruit fans...especially apples...we would have soo much fun with the poster! Thanks for the invite. trina

  11. Diana, here's the link to my heartland giveaway plug: http://thedailydelights.com/2009/05/09/discovery-apple-a-day-poster-giveaway-on-heartland/
    just happy to be here! :)

  12. llewellynrl00@gmail.comMay 10, 2009 at 7:42 PM

    my favorite fruit is strawberries! But I definately need to eat more fruit in general! This is a great idea! :)

  13. How clever! I use to collect these stickers as a kiddo!

  14. This would be very fun "art" for a child's room - encourage healthy eating behaviors.

  15. Haha, when I was at Woodman's a little bit ago I was scoping out the apples with the fun stickers just in case I win!


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