Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kyla Zoe Luedtke

Beautiful mixed media work from fellow Madisonian Kyle Zoe Luedtke. I so wish I had been able to see her recent MFA show here in town.

A little insight into her process:
All of these works are created on a single sheet of paper and with no digitally printed elements. The pattern on the dresses and circular rugs is hand drawn with water-based color inks using a pen and nib. The figures and animals are painted in walnut ink. Background colors are hand painted using a combination of water-based colored inks and gouache. Most of the rigid, repeating pattern on the floors and walls is appropriated from a variety historic and contemporary sources. Once I've selected a pattern, Adobe Photoshop is used to edit it, separate it into stencils (one for each color I plan) and then compose and put each stencil into perspective . From there, the stencils for the wall and floor patterns are exposed onto silkscreens, colors hand mixed, and then hand-printed on top.

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