Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome back

A vacation is exactly what I needed, I hope I didn't miss out on too much! This week on Heartland, I thought I'd take you along for a little ride with photos captured on my recent roadtrip.

First stop...Lawrence, Kansas. The photo above captures one of my favorite things in Lawrence, sunset on a hot summer night. The building in front of the sunset is the Round Corner Pharmacy, the first drugstore in Kansas.

The powerstation on the Kansas River.

One of a few old-timey barber shops on Massachusetts Street.

Free State Brewery, hands down my favorite restaurant in Lawrence.

La Prima Tazza. Though it wasn't the same without Yancy Dominick ordering an after dinner espresso.

The Granada Theatre, with one of the best marquees around.

A rain coming in behind the historic Eldridge Hotel.

Beautiful old windows inside of the Signs of Life shop and gallery.

I will definitely be doing some Heartland features on a few of my favorite spots in Lawrence soon, stay tuned!


  1. What beautiful pictures... Thanks for taking us on this trip with you.

  2. Thanks Mary-Laure, hope you enjoy the rest of them :)


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