Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save the Thread

Erin of Design for Mankind is so incredibly sweet. She is organizing a fundraiser for Angelia whose shop, Red Thread Studio, caught fire this weekend. Read more about it here.

Design for Mankind is hoping to raise at least $3,000 and here's how you can help:

Please post a discount on your blog and Etsy home description of your commitment to help Angelia. You can donate as much as you’d like percentage-wise, but I’d suggest 20% of sales for the month of August.

Spread the word about Angelia’s fire with a link to this post, including the logo above. If you do post about the fundraiser, please email me so I can update Save the Thread’s blog with progress and press.

If you have extra wares, please consider sending them to Angelia’s gallery space. All inventory was lost, so she’ll be replacing quite a bit of items. Contact Angelia right here to coordinate delivery.

We’ll gladly be accepting donations from anyone and everyone. If you stumble across a few extra bucks this week, please consider donating to the cause via Paypal right here.

I’d love to see this community stand together as one to save the tread, and in turn, make a statement about the role we’d like handmade/craft to play in our future. Thank you to all in advance, and check the blog for further updates.

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