Friday, September 4, 2009

Shimer College, the Dorm

This final installment of the Shimer College photos is all about dorm life. When taking a course at the Campbell Center, you are also given a room in one of the old dorms on campus. I must admit it has been many years since I've had to walk down the hall with a shower caddy to use the communal bathroom. Staying there wasn't luxurious by any means but I enjoyed it for the nostalgia of it all. It brought back so many memories of living in a dorm with hundreds of other people. I think back on that and am amazed at how well it works. Sure, there are some horror stories but for the most part you come out of that dorm with friends that you will likely keep for the rest of your life.

The dorms had new carpeting and bed linens but other than that most of the furnishings were exactly as they'd been left in the 1970s, which makes you feel like you're in a bit of a time warp. Oddly enough, there was an overwhelming amount of Eames furniture. And ofcourse, the requisite cinder block walls with posters poster-puttied to the walls.

I so love the old mailboxes. We had these when I was in college and I remember the anticipation of peering through the little window hoping for it to be full of letters from far away friends.


  1. Those mail boxes are adorable! And your photos are fantastic! Who knew a dorm could look so good! :)


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