Monday, October 5, 2009

Wisconsin Natural Acres Honey

Every time I see these beautiful glass jars of honey I wish that my honey didn't get squeezed out of a plastic bear. Don't get me wrong, I live in Wisconsin and therefore it is a bear full of good local honey, but it is nevertheless, a plastic bear. While I do love the honey bear, I long for the sophistication of a glass jar of Wisconsin Natural Acres Honey. I did get some once and it was taaaaasty. I highly recommend trying it. You can order online or find it locally.

Watch the Food Network's episode of Unwrapped featuring Wisconsin Natural Acres Honey tonight! Monday, October 5th at 8PM central time.


  1. i never
    for the bear.
    we always had it
    in a jar with
    one of those

  2. I love those swizzle sticks! But I never know how to use them. Like how do you clean them? Or are they not something you clean, do they just sit in the jar all the time? Do tell!


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