Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Sunday

It's Sunday again? How does that keep happening? Luckily, this weekend was a nice relaxing one (which I totally needed) that involved lots of food (which maybe I didn't need as much). It started with a great dinner here, which you may remember is one of my favorite places. The rest of the weekend's meals included this beef roast with roasted sweet potatoes, which was awesome. Though I might recommend using a cut of meat a touch leaner than the beef chuck roast. Wow, that was a lot of fat.

There was also a bunch of apples on the counter about to go bad. I had every intention of slicing them up and roasting them with some cinnamon and brown sugar. Then somehow, all good intentions went out the window and I ended up throwing on a ton of crumble topping. It was kind of like a really easy apple pie. I love apple pie so much that making it "easy" is really not in my best interest!

And right now? I am listening to Imogen Heap waiting for this roasted veggie pizza to finish baking. In my defense, I did manage to squeeze a couple of runs in. Phew. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also!

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