Monday, January 11, 2010

Gail Ambrosius Handmade Chocolates

Gail Ambrosius is a Madison based chocolatier. And she is awesome. As a person and as a chocolate maker. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak to our small business class and the story behind her little chocolate shop made me like her that much more.

And the chocolate? My goodness. I assure you my sister is shaking her head in disbelief as she reads this, but here it is...I really am not a huge fan of chocolate. I know, I know, that is sacrilegious to so many of you. I do like sweet things and often those tend to be chocolate and I very much enjoy eating them. But I don't often crave chocolate itself. I will always choose the apple crisp over the flourless chocolate cake. Always. So all of this is to illustrate a point of how good Gail's chocolates are because I crave them. Particularly the salted caramels.


  1. Oh, yum. Is she the one located by Blue Plate Diner? I'd love to get birthday treats for others from a local candy maker.

  2. It is! I'm sure your friends and family would be most grateful :)


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