Thursday, August 5, 2010

Northern Lights

Photo by Shawn Malone. Marquette, Michigan.

I am obsessed with the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis. I'm not sure if my fascination started when I wrote a paper for my Astronomy class in college. More likely it's just because they are truly amazing and surreal. This week there have been solar storms strong enough to make the northern lights visible as far south as the Midwest. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to see them. But others did...

Photo by Derek Weston. St. Germain, Wisconsin.

Photo by Mike Hollingshead. Little Sioux, IA.

Photo by Tom Pinkerton. Babbitt, Minnesota.

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  1. I love the northern lights, too!! I was lucky enough to see them once when I lived in Edgerton, WI. It was in 1991 and it looked like this beautiful wall of blue and green lights shimmering in the sky. I'd love to see them again :)


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