Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking back

We're here!! The move and settling in to Boston has taken SO much time and energy. I only recently got my computer up and running and I wanted to stop in for a few minutes to at least share a few photos from our last few days in Madison. More photos (of the ocean!) are coming soon.

There's an appreciation that you really just can't get for a place until you are leaving. The sunsets get a little richer, the food at your favorite restaurants tastes better and your friends and neighbors are even nicer. Madison definitely had that sparkle for the last couple of months, making it that much harder to go. Thank you to all of our family, friends and colleagues who gave us a lovely sendoff and had so many nice things to say about us. Who knew you liked us so much? ;) We already miss all of you.

The Memorial Union Terrace

One final brunch at Marigold. I'm really gonna miss those potatoes.

The Memorial Union Terrace, Lake Mendota in the background

Sunset over the Yahara River

Lake Monona


  1. I'm glad that you're getting settled into your new city. I am going to miss, however, the little thought in the back of my head that, when I'm in Madison, someone might walk up to me and say, "I made the purse you're using." :)

  2. Aww, well that sure would've been nice.
    Seems like you might have to take your bag on a vacation to the east coast ;)


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