Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Whistling Swan, Fish Creek WI

Most of Fish Creek WI is quaint, that's true. But the Whistling Swan Inn and Restaurant is truly a gem.

Everything about it is warm, cozy and incredibly charming. Thanks to someone's cancellation, we were lucky enough to get a reservation for a New Year's Eve dinner on very short notice. The food was incredible. And I'm picky. Well I'm not picky like I have list of things I won't eat. But as in I like food to be good. Really really good. I tried to get a photo of my plate, but the warm ambiance of candlelight didn't make for very good pictures. What you're almost seeing is the short ribs with roasted root vegetables. Heavenly.

My only regret is that we were only eating dinner at the Whistling Swan, not staying at the inn. Rumor has it they have breakfast for guests. But now I know for next time!

The Whistling Swan Inn and Restaurant

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