Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

This is what a cozy weekend morning in Madison WI can look like. This bowl of yogurt with granola and blueberries made my day a little brighter.  There's just something about blueberries.

That unique ceramic mug is an old favorite. It was handmade by a sculptor in Athens Georgia. Or maybe she is a ceramicist? Is that a term?

And what Sunday morning would be complete without awesome pajama pants. I've been crazy for anything having ticking stripes so when I saw these at Anthropologie I couldn't resist. Thankfully they were on sale. But still cost more money than someone (namely me) should really be paying for clothes to sleep in.


  1. RE: ceramicist, it is a term used by some potters, sculptors or otherwise. Great site by the way. I live up here in DC and haven't eaten at that Fish Creek restaurant so I am always looking for good food reviews and new places to explore.


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