Wednesday, March 12, 2008

James Spicer

Chicago based artist James Spicer

"Being an artist is a blast. I live everyday like a tourist or a child, and then share those experiences with anyone that is interested. Doing photography, illustrations, and books that question reality, illusions, and scale are my top areas of interest. I also like to point out how beautiful life is, but with a touch of sadness because many things are temporary, threatened, or already in ruins. Then I balance it all out with a sense of humor and strive to be uplifting. Speaking of ruins, in order to do all of this full time with complete freedom, I drive an embarrassing Chevy Cavalier station wagon. Nonetheless, I live well, get all my groceries from Whole Foods, and do a fine job being a human for a living, with a camera for a necklace."


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