Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brandy Old Fashioned

Photo by Jeff Gurwin courtesy of Time Out New York

I've already done one post regarding the Old Fashioned, one of my favorite restaurants in Madison. But now I'm moving on to the Old Fashioned cocktail. I suppose the two subjects are related considering the restaurant is in part inspired by the drink, but details details. It seems that the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular, is quite smitten with the Brandy Old Fashioned.

Brandy Old Fashioned
3 oz Brandy
1 tsp sugar
1 splash of water
3 dashes of bitters

Muddle (the back of spoon will work) the sugar and bitters together with the splash of water. Fill the glass with ice. Pour in brandy and stir. Garnish with a lemon peel and a cherry.

There are variations, certainly. For a recipe straight from the source, watch this.


  1. Ohhhhhhh.... this was my Dad's drink. And he would make them for us at Christmas time. Sigh. (When we were adults that is.)


  2. That sounds like a lovely tradition!


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