Monday, June 15, 2009

Briones and Co.

I'm big into menu planning. Every weekend before the big grocery trip, I sit down and make the list of what to eat for the upcoming week. These handy little meal planner notebooks from Briones and Co. are perfect for people like me! I like the idea of having an ongoing list where I can enter as many meals as I want. I don't have to stop at one week, I can plan out the menu for 8 weeks! Or longer, I'd just have to order a refill of menu planner forms...

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  1. I'm a big menu planner, too! Before I was working full time (like 5 months ago) I'd spend a couple of hours and plan out a menu for the entire month. It helped me a TON and the best part was that I would plan it to where we would never waste any food...which is why it usually took 2 hours to complete! It was definitely a fun little brain challenge.

    Now I'm having a really hard time with the menu at even only a week long, because of my funny schedule. I get off at either 6 or 8, depending on the day, and sometimes I have errands to do after work since I can't do them during the day anymore. And then food gets wasted. Or I'm not hungry. Or Joe was too hungry after he go off at 4:30 to wait for me...etc etc etc. It's a pain!

    So I love everything about my job except for the fact that it has entirely screwed up my menu planning! It makes me happy to see that other people plan them, though. It used to be one of my favorite things to do. :)


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