Friday, July 24, 2009

Strawberry Picking

A couple of weeks ago we went strawberry picking at Berry Hill Farm. It was the last weekend of their strawberry season but you sure couldn't tell, there were still so many good berries. 45 minutes of uncomfortable stooping later we had picked 8 pounds of strawberries! The berry scent was amazing, you could smell it in the air even before arriving at the farm.

I hadn't gone into this with any sort of strawberry plan of action so I had to scramble around to find ways to use up the berries. Ofcourse I did end up freezing a lot of them, but a ripe, fresh picked strawberry is unbeatable so I wanted to use as many of the fresh ones as possible.

The strawberry lineup: strawberry dumpling, strawberry mojitos, strawberry waffles (ok, they were frozen), strawberry pancakes (these were from scratch!), strawberry jelly/preserves, and strawberry mint iced tea. And there's still two full freezer bags!


  1. I'm totally envious...I haven't gone strawberry picking in 2 years, and I'm feeling ashamed of myself! Great photos. :)

  2. That totally takes me back. I used to go strawberry picking with my mom, and she would make the best strawberry jam. Sounds like it was a therapeutic day with great reward at the end!

    Emiko ;)

  3. mmm...i haven't made strawberry jam since i was a girl! oh but it was so delicious thanks to my granny!


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