Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foggy days

The weather is finally warming up a bit which means lots of snow and ice melting. All of the melting is leading to day after day of fairly dense fog, which is always so fun to photograph.


  1. such gorgeous photos.
    which lake is that?

  2. The second to last photo is so nice and organic.

    It must have been so nice to be out there by the water that day - it looks so peaceful and meditative. I love scenes like that.

  3. beautiful shots! there's been a lot of fog in chicago too. last week my husband and i were downtown late at night. the fog was dense and illuminated by the lights. you couldn't see people walking near you but you could hear them. sort of an eerrie experience..

  4. Liz-it is SO quiet on the lake when it's frozen. it's eerie. and so cool!

    Sarah-wow, i don't know that i've ever been a in a fog that thick. it sounds awesome. i especially love how lights look in fog. maybe you've got some photos to share?


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