Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Do you ever go around your town as a tourist? Yesterday I spent a few hours walking around Madison checking out the sights and taking some photos.


  1. love the bottom photo. i feel like i haven't spent enough time in madison. this summer, for sure. :)

  2. yes you should! especially in the summer with the farmers market and all.

  3. YES!!! IT IS!! you live in Madison? Ok obviously, I just felt like the question was necessary. When I started my blog I googled 'madison wi fashion bloggers' looking for a kindred soul.. looks like I should've just used 'madison wi bloggers' huh? I'm so flattered you liked my stuff! A couple pieces have already sold which still blows my mind. Btw, I have a total girl boner over your bags. Anything handmade gets my blood a-pumping, and that pleat sealed the deal!

    If I haven't scared you off already, I'm so happy you found me.


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