Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pizza night

Sunday has unofficially evolved into pizza night. Do you have any little meal traditions like that?

Pizza night used to be delivery but lately I've started making pizzas at home. I'm definitely still tweaking things, but the pizzas are getting better the more I practice. So I have to keep making them every weekend, right? In the name of perfection? Let's go with that.

At the moment, my favorite recipes are this dough and this sauce. I usually make a couple of small, thin and crispy pizzas with different toppings because I like options. And once I've got the dough going, I figure I might as well make the full batch.

Tonight's pizzas
1. red sauce topped with shredded mozzarella and fresh tomatoes
2. white pizza with olive oil, fresh garlic, parmesan, prosciutto and arugula

Recently I went to a pizza party where the cook was a chef from one of my favorite restaurants. He was nice enough to share some tips: set your oven to the highest heat possible (in my case 550 degrees) and always use a pizza stone (which are a lot more affordable than I thought). Combine the high heat with a thin crust and these pizzas cook within 5-7 minutes. You may have to experiment to find which rack in your oven gets you the perfectly crisp but not burnt pizza. Maybe you should try making a couple of pizzas every weekend. You know, for practice ;)


  1. this looks delicious diana~guess i will have to try it on different racks in my oven and different toppings. we used to always have pizza night on oh gosh...sunday or friday(?, getting old) when i was growing up, dad used to make the best! not sure if that tradition carried on till dave was born:( but not it has:)

  2. We also LOVE making pizza at home... here is a link to our fav... Caramelized Onion, Blue Cheese & Prosciutto and since we buy our crusts at Fraboni's it is 'fast food'.

  3. We keep saying that we're going to start making pizza and we never do. Maybe I should start practicing!

  4. i absolutely ADORE red sauce w/ tomato pizza. my husband thinks it's redundant. but it's two different tomato flavors combined together. YUM!

  5. Cindy-I'll have to check with Dave, maybe that's secretly where the tradition really started.

    Rae-Wow, that looks delicious! And I didn't know Fraboni's sold dough. I will definitely give it a try.

    Erin-You should definitely start practicing ;)

    Sarah-Ha, I can see his point. I was a little slow to come around to the sliced tomatoes topping but I must say now I love it.


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