Monday, May 10, 2010

Where have I been?

Boston! Sorry for my accidental blog hiatus, I was in Boston for a long weekend and though I meant to post before leaving...well, that didn't pan out. I hope some photos and highlights from my trip will earn me forgiveness?

I spent a lot of time walking around exploring the different neighborhoods of Boston. These apartment buildings were in Mission Hill. During one of my walks, I was lucky enough to happen upon a student art sale here and purchased a couple of things.

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was an incredible experience, unlike any other museum I've visited.

The view from inside the Institute for Contemporary Art was beautiful, even in the pouring rain.

Lobster roll at The Barking Crab!

Paul Revere walked here. I love how much history there is everywhere you look in Boston. Following the Freedom Trail through the North End is a nice introduction to some of Boston's past. And you can actually walk around Paul Revere's house? Amazing.

Ofcourse, there had to be a stop at Harvard in Cambridge. What a great town that is!

Mini cupcakes from Sweet, the cutest cupcake shop ever.

The interior of the historic Boston Library building is breathtaking. How great are all of those green bankers style lights?

And the view from the hotel room window was also pretty neat.


  1. Looks like you had a great trip. Hope all the interviews went well for Dave. Boston is on my list of places to visit, your pictures make me want to go even more:)

  2. Oh my gosh- I'd love to escape to Boston! It looks so charming.

    Joe travels for short stints to different cities but never gets to enjoy the towns because he works the whole time. He just got home from Boston and Denver recently...I should just save the few hundred bucks for flight tickets and tag along with him! Now that we finally have a new car, I feel like I can justify spending money on things like that. Kind of.


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