Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travels, Part 1

I've been traveling a bit lately and one of my recent trips was to Davenport Iowa. It's a very cute town on the banks of the Mississippi River, which, by the way, is filled with Pelicans?! So cool!

If you do find yourself in Davenport, be sure to stop by the Figge Art Museum, housed in a beautiful building designed by David Chipperfield. The exhibits were lovely, these pieces by Nicole Pietrantoni were some of my favorites.

What I cannot recommend is driving through this on your way out of Davenport.


  1. your video brought back all those driving memories! it was so scary. glad the sun came out for the rest of the weekend:)

  2. The shelf clouds are beautiful, even if they're a bit intimidating. I think that the Midwest has some of the most amazing weather, including the wicked storms. I would miss it if I moved too far from here.


  3. That cloud looks like a spaceship.. specifically the one from Independence Day with Will Smith. You're nuts lady.. Storms and I don't really get along, so you better believe I wouldn't have waited around for that one. When I was little I was home alone during a bad storm (my parents farm is 2 hours west of here near Mt Sterling and Gays Mills) and they were at a farmers market in Chicago.. I called my uncle since this was before cell phones and asked if I should bring the 2 horses into the basement with me, where I already had a blanket, water, radio, phone, dogs, as many wild farm cats as I could catch with me. Obviously he said that wasn't a great idea.. but man was I was shitting my pants listening to that storm!

  4. Cindy-Sorry to bring it all up again! At least the drive home wasn't bad, right? :)

    Brianna-The Midwest really does have some extreme weather. And while it might terrify me, I do secretly love it.

    Merl-Ha. That's sweet that you thought of the horses! I wonder how freaked out animals are by tornadoes...


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