Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jenni's Artisan Ice Cream

"Artisan ice creams made with the most flavorful, responsibly-raised ingredients from the Ohio countryside. Pasture to table. Cow to cone."

Okay, I have fallen in love with Jeni's Ice Cream and I've never even tried it. Now that my friends, is good branding. Everything is so well done, the look, the feel, the story, it's all spot on. Their tagline "Pasture to Table. Cow to Cone" is pure genius.

Jeni Britton Bauer became inspired to make artisan ice creams while working at a French patisserie. Back home in the heart of Ohio, Jeni created her own techniques to make American ice creams that are less sweet and more flavorful. Joined by family and a small staff, she creates magical things like Honey Vanilla Bean ice cream filled with freshly baked cherry crisp. In the mood for something a little spicier? How about some Thai Chili ice cream?

Possibly the best part...they deliver.
Though if rumors are true, her ice cream might be available at a specialty shop here in Madison soon. Fingers crossed!


  1. Thanks for the nice post, Diana! We've all been checking out your blog this morning and love your sense of style. And those Smartfish flats, too!

    We'll keep you posted re: operation Spread the Love to Madison, soon as we know more...

    Thanks again for the love :)

  2. Ryan-you're most welcome. You've certainly earned it :)

    Erin-doesn't it? I hope it comes to Madison!

  3. I've heard the rumors about Jeni's pints coming to Madison too (I was Googling to see if there had been updates when I came across your site). I grew up in Columbus and went to Ohio State - and enjoyed plenty of Jeni's along the way. I moved to Madison this August, and I've managed to visit Jeni's on every trip home so far -- my last trip home I ended up there twice in one day (!). So - your love is well placed. Their ice creams are super creamy and incredibly full of flavor. You will not be disappointed! The lemon yogurt is to-die-for, especially when they add blueberries to it during the summer... but then I don't think I've tried a flavor I haven't loved. I'll be interested to see how much of a variety we get, versus getting only the standards (Thai Chili, Queen City Cayenne, Roxbury Road perhaps?) -- but either way I will be paying plenty of visits to whatever shop starts selling them. My fingers are crossed too!

  4. How lucky are you?? I haven't been lucky enough to try it, I really can't wait! Rumor has it that it will be available at Fromagination at the end of April...

  5. Jeni's tweeted a week or so ago that the pints would arrive at Fromagination May 1st! I plan to make the trek into the isthmus that day (driving there makes me so nervous! but I'll do it for Jeni's). Hope you enjoy it!!


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